TBQ - Tender series for Bill of Quantities

  • Quantities calculated in all the above three modules can be exported as excel and imported in TBQ.
  • We can give continuous link with all the above three modules with this software so that whenever we recalculate in those modules after editing, cost of the project will be updated immediately in this software.
  • Unit rates of each element can be imported from excel and linked with quantities.
  • Total cost of the project can be calculated by the developer easily.
  • Tenders can be submitted to the contractors without owners rate and the contractors can fill their rate in a free software “TCF (Tender Cost Filling)”.
  • Owner can get the rates from different Contractors and can do Tender Analysis to find the cheapest contractor using a tool “TTE (Tender Evaluation)”.
  • It is also used to convert the Scanned PDF format of Tender document into editable tender document.

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