TME - Takeoff for Mechanical & Electrical

  • It can calculate quantities from 2D drawings of following six disciplines.

    Plumbing & Sanitary

    Heating & Gas



    AirConditioning& Ventilation

    Extra Low Voltage

  • If you have AutoCAD 2D drawings, PDF drawings or JPEG drawings for the above disciplines then you can easily convert them into 3D models and get the total quantities easily.
  • You can check the collisions of pipes with different components in 3D and can make the adjustments easily.
  • All the elements of a building can be calculated more accurately and viewed in 3D with better performance.
  • Reports can be obtained for each discipline separately and it can be exported to excel.

All the three modules works in the same concept and so if one module is learned then other modules are similar in working procedure and it is easy to do quantity estimation.